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Create a portable binder to save in one place PDF files positioned in any order

Create a portable binder to save in one place PDF files positioned in any order

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Program license: Free

Program by: Jørn Schou-Rode

Version: 1.2

Works under: Windows


Program license

(231 votes)


Program by


Jørn Schou-Rode


Works under:


PDF Binder is free software designed for merging multiple PDF documents into one, changing several separate files into separate pages of the same file for easy saving and sharing.

Pros of PDF Binder

  • Simple and easy to use - This software application performs a single task (PDF binding) and performs it well. The user interface has a clean layout sans any complex options or slow-to-load tools and menus. Simply add the files you'd like to bind, drag and drop them into the desired order, and then save them as a single bound PDF document. All actions are performed via five buttons on the main window.
  • Small footprint - PDF Binder is small in size, so it takes up little memory on your drive. It's also low on required resources while running, so it doesn't lead to crashing and freezing of your computer, even if you use it while performing a variety of other tasks.
  • Genuine freeware - Unlike other applications touted as freeware, PDF Binder contains no built-in advertisements or spyware, nor does it include a free "trial" period after which the full software must be purchased to continue use. What you download for free is what you get: full functions and quick, efficient operation.

Cons of PDF Binder

  • PC-only compatibility - As of now, PDF Binder is only available for use with Windows-based PC systems. Mac users must look elsewhere for software to perform the functions offered by this program.
  • Functionality may seem limited to some users - While this program does an excellent job binding PDF files, it doesn't perform any other functions. Therefore, users looking for the ability to perform other PDF-editing tasks, such as conversion, printing or creation, should either find another, more comprehensive program or be prepared to download some other software to work alongside PDF Binder.